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Band Members: Frankie Machine

Here's TWO sets of questions for Frankie, the first lot were asked in early 2009:
What is your opinion of Emo

I'm not sure I understand the Emo's, but that's possibly because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS THEM.

When was the last time you went dancing

In a virtually deserted Mexican disco last month. No hang on, my sister's 40th Birthday "Eighties Fancy Dress Party" last weekend. I went as a "striking miner" and they played Big Country upon request.

What aspect of modern manners do you think should be changed, for the better

Immediate ban on the phrase "can I get a..." when ordering in a fast food outlet. Re-instatement of the death penalty for using it in a proper restaurant.

Apart from international rock and roll, what other hobbies or interests do you have

Season ticket holder for the glorious Derby County, and I seem to have developed a hobby of DIY (it came free with the house)

What is your idea of fun

Being on holiday and having nothing to do except eat, drink and see new stuff.

What is your favourite urban legend

It involves a very young Ant'n'Dec and Henry "Going For Gold" Kelly. And oral sex.

Have you ever worked with somebody who is, or was, in a band

Years ago we had a temp who once played bass in Cable for a while, and then more recently one of The Deirdres also did some temp work on reception here. They may seem ramshackle as a band but she seemed very good at answering the phone and producing visitor passes.

How would you rate your level of expertise on computers

Let's just say I have, in the recent past, received desperate calls for advice from a friend (let's call him "Mark Hibbett") in a panic because his Windows 98 PC has packed up. Him: "What can be wrong with it?" Me: "Windows 98".

Do you have a sure-fire method of being cheered up

A new Fall album? Unexpected chocolate? The sudden realisation that actually, yes, we do have time for a quick pint?

What is your favourite meal/dish that you cook yourself

I consider my signature dish to be fish-based broth in a bread bowl. The bowl being edible also cuts down on the washing up.

What time is your bed-time

Anything later than midnight in the week is considered DARING. At the weekend it is frequently later than that (although that usually means we have fallen asleep on the sofa again during Jonathan Ross)

What is your favourite pub that isn't there any more

Has to be The Dial in Derby (demolished completely and now a 6th form college). Within it's hallowed walls I learned how to drink, to dance, to kiss, to love, to be in a band and to vomit copiously.

What languages, apart from English, can you speak

En peu de francais, and of course, y'all hip to conversate in da language of da street G. (Chill jus' clownin'..)

Any addenda

Date of next album?

... and these come from around 2006.
When were you born?

Holbrook Maternity Home. In the bleak midwinter

What is your prime musical function in The Validators?

Bass Guitar

What other bands have you been in?

Helen & The Hellwailers / Pampas Demon / Killing Curse / Feedback / Spunk Bubbles / Ego Balloons / Negative Feedback / Senile Pimpulation / Hashtrays / Gear / Unreasonable Fish / No Uncle No / Almanacs / Boyscout / Sienna / 1.3 Billion / Reverend Vibe Cat & The Very Reverends / Airport Girl / Frankie Machine

How did you come to join The Validators?


What was the first gig you went to see?

The Cure 1987 Kiss me Kiss Me Kiss Me tour

And what was the second?

Moving Jelly Brothers

What was the first gig you ever played yourself?

The Lord Nelson, Derby.

What was the best gig you ever played? Waynes Bar, Nice to a load of happy drunken Canadians on Canada Day.

And what was the worst?

Waynes Bar , Nice to a load of neanderthal drunken Man Utd fans.

Do you currently subscribe to any magazines? If so, what are they?


What are your Top 6 Records That You Bought Within A Year Of Them Being Released (re-releases don't count)?

  • The Wedding Present - George Best
  • The Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray
  • The Go Team! - Thunder Lightning Strike
  • Wolfhounds - Attitude
  • The Fall - The Frenz Experiment
  • Damien Jurado - Rehearsals For Departure

    Analogue Fun! If The Validators were The Velvet Underground you would be Sterling Morrison. If The Validators were The Famous Five you would be George. If The Validators were G-Force From Battle Of The Planets you would be Jason. Which of these Analogues do you prefer? Why?

    Battle Of The Planets, I like Tom as keeyop

    Do you have a more accurate analogue you would like to suggest?

    A human hand - Mark/Thumb Tim/Middle Emma/Pinky Tom/Ring Frankie/Fore.

    Finally, do you have any webpages of your own you would like to link to?

  • Twitter /  Bandcamp /  Facebook /  Instagram
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