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Band Members: Tim Pattison

Here's TWO sets of questions for Tim, the first lot were asked in early 2009:
What is your opinion of Emo

The sad thing is I fear that if I was 20 years younger I could have ended up one myself. I was in a Goth band but wasnít really a goth, was more into navel gazing with Morrissey. Thereís a thin line, but an important one!

When was the last time you went dancing

A friendís wedding just before Christmas, there was a covers band who were actually NOT THAT BAD, that is until they did 4 (four) queen songs in a row, now we all like Donít Stop Me Now, but that was ridiculous!!

What aspect of modern manners do you think should be changed, for the better

Punctuality, Iím a stickler for it and sadly with 2 small kids mineís getting very poor, oh and knifing people, thats just not on.

Apart from international rock and roll, what other hobbies or interests do you have

I have a day job which is obviously just a hobby, otherwise Iíd say hill walking and skiing, both of which I do all too rarely these days, International Rock and Roll being as it isÖ

What is your idea of fun

Sledging with my 2 daughters

What is your favourite urban legend

Bob Holness playing the Saxophone on Baker Street

Have you ever worked with somebody who is, or was, in a band

Thereís a guy at work whoís boss was in an Indie band once. Other than that thereís a chap who used to play keyboards in a band that did a big festival in Cheltenham once, but the most showbiz thing about him is the story about having Cannon and Ball sleeping over on the living room floor.

How would you rate your level of expertise on computers 5

Do you have a sure-fire method of being cheered up

Either a big hug from one of the 3 ladies in my life or a bottle of lager and some bombay mix whilst listening to the intro of Open Your Heart by the Human League.

What is your favourite meal/dish that you cook yourself

Hmmm, probably Lasagne, the secretís in the cinnamon and nutmeg.

What time is your bed-time

This week itís been about 10:30 but normally I can stretch to about 11:00.

What is your favourite pub that isn't there any more

The Magazine, Leicester.

What languages, apart from English, can you speak

I can read french not too badly, but speaking it quite a bit worse

Any addenda

No Dogs!

... and these come from around 2006.
When were you born?

When the charts looked like this:
1 Bee Gees I've Gotta Get A Message To You
2 Beach Boys Do It Again
3 Beatles Hey Jude
4 Herb Alpert This Guy's In Love With You
5 Aretha Franklin I Say A Little Prayer
6 Johnny Nash Hold Me Tight
7 Tom Jones Help Yourself
8 Amen Corner High In The Sky
9 Canned Heat On The Road Again
10 Crazy World Of Arthur Brown Fire

What is your prime musical function in The Validators?


What other bands have you been in?

Now then that's a question, Prolapse for the easy answer. In more depth (in approximate date order):

  • The Alley Cats
  • Monserrat (sic)
  • Abusive Mayhem*
  • The Storm
  • The Torture Garden*
  • The Reptile House*
  • A Touch of the Squirts
  • Strangeness and Charm*
  • The Virgin Actress*
  • The Fluffy Slippers
  • Bob and His Organ
  • Smile*
  • Prolapse*
  • Yule
  • Boofy Head* (I think)
  • Bondequip* (possibly)
  • Frank's Band*
  • Smee and the Blokes*
  • Tashkent Express
  • The Council*
  • Ludd Gang*
  • MJ Hibbett and The Validators*

    * Denotes played a gig.

    Boofyhead to Frank's Band is a shady period, when I seemed to be in lots of bands on account of me being the only drummer in Leicester at the time (or so it seemed) to be fair not sure what happened when but do recall playing No Fun at the cellar bar with Frank's band - no idea of name. (Hibbett FACT! Frank's band were called Speedway 5, and Tim was also in Leichtenstein Girl for 2 hours, i know because I was there)

    ALSO - what does being in a band mean? Guested with The Fabians (studio) and Cornershop (live) - although this probably won't be recorded in Tjinder's autobiography!!

    How did you come to join The Validators?

    See above - the only drummer in Leicester!

    What was the first gig you went to see?

    The Police at Gateshead Stadium 31/07/1982,

    Wow, just found thisÖ

    1.Voices Inside My Head>Message In A Bottle
    2.Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
    3.Walking On The Moon
    4.Spirits In The Material World
    5.Hungry For You
    6.When The World Is Running Down...
    7.The Bed's Too Big Without You
    8.De do do do, De da da da
    9.Demolition Man
    10.Shadows In The Rain
    11.Driven To Tears
    12.Bring On The Night
    13.One World (Not Three)
    14.Invisible Sun #
    16.Don't Stand So Close To Me
    17.Can't Stand Losing You->Regatta de Blanc->Be My Girl->Can't Stand Losing You
    18.So Lonely

    Great Set if you like that sort of thing, very loud Bass drum was my overriding memory.

    And what was the second?

    Madness Newcastle City Hall Feb 1983

    What was the first gig you ever played yourself?

    Abusive Mayhem, Bedlington YMCA, Feb 1st 1986. supporting Kingfisher, loads of mates from school came, I was terrified before hand, Started on I Will Follow, but it was GRATE! Still have the poster, 50p entry.

    What was the best gig you ever played? It's a toss up between..

    Prolapse - in Paris can't remember the venue, Very Funny night afterwards "Te Connait Moi, Te Connait Toi, Aha!"

    Prolapse - Reading Festival 1995 - We'd sold 1,000 singles and it seemed that everyone who had bought them were there,

    Prolapse - The Garage 1999 - 2nd last gig I think, full 3 x guitar ATTAK on Flex, Finally sold the venue out, should have split then.

    And what was the worst?

    Nottingham Social with the Vlads - see Mark, Tom & Rob's entries I presume for more details.

    Do you currently subscribe to any magazines? If so, what are they?


    What are your Top 6 Records That You Bought Within A Year Of Them Being Released (re-releases don't count)?

  • House Of Love- House Of Love
  • Smiths Queen is dead
  • Pixies - Surfer Rosa
  • Fall - Bend Sinister
  • Weddoes - George Best
  • Mercury Rev- Yerself is steam

    Analogue Fun! If The Validators were The Velvet Underground you would be Mo Tucker. If The Validators were The Famous Five you would be Timmy. If The Validators were G-Force From Battle Of The Planets you would be Tiny. Which of these Analogues do you prefer? Why?

    To be fair I come off pretty badly in all of them!

    Do you have a more accurate analogue you would like to suggest?

    Chinese 5 Spice Powder:

    Mark - Fennel
    Rob - Aniseed
    Emma - Cloves
    Tim - Cinnamon
    Tom - Black Pepper

    Finally, do you have any webpages of your own you would like to link to?

    Er not really - Emma can do LSD.

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