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Articles: Fanzines and Webpages

Miscellaneous articles that people asked me to write.

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1. The Midlands Embassy
2. Quality Of Life Enhancement Devices
3. Yet Another Football Analogy
4. Are You Local?
5. They're Out There Somewhere
6. My Band T-Shirt
7. Rock Is Not Comedy, Comedy Is Not Rock
8. Song-writing
9. Setlist Democracy
10. A Fringe guide for bands
11. Paul McCartney Can Do What He Likes
12. MJ Hibbett Recommends Down With Skool by Geoffrey Willans & Ronald Searle
13. Song for Ewe: 'Will I Love Again?' by Ivor Game
14. Song For Ewe: 'O' Come All Ye Faithful (Adeste Fideles)' by Bob Dylan
15. Lucky 7
16. If You've Got Trouble: how The Beatles (and Mark Lewisohn) helped me learn to love mistakes
17. When you become naked – performing Revolution #9 acapella
18. The Next Ten Marvel Movie Stars

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