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Blog: A Welcome To Newcomers!

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Thought I'd better say, if you're here for the first time after hearing us on the radio, thanks VERY much for making the effort to find us! If you want to hear more of our stuff you can visit our myspace page, and if you'd like to BUY some CDs you can do so via our SHOP or through Amazon. Top tip if you'd like to get BOTH WE VALIDATE! (featuring The Lesson Of The Smiths and The Gay Train) and the new single Better Things To Do (featuring Leave My Brother Alone) you can get it CHEAP if you go to the SHOP and scroll down a bit.

There's loads of articles and bits of news all over the place too, and don't forget to join the MAILING LIST to get the newsletter and gig updates and that.

Thanks again for making the effort if you ARE a newcomer to our site, and HEY! If you're not a newcomer, thanks for coming back!

posted 18/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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there's no getting rid of us oldtimers now!!
posted 18/7/2006 by CarsmileSteve

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