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I spent much of Saturday working on the press release for the album - blimey, you wouldn't think it'd take an hour a paragraph would you? It was HARD WORK, especially as I had just read a How To Write A Press Release article saying "Don't use elaborate adjectives, fancy language, exclamation marks, vulgarity or excessive capitalisation". This left me a bit stuck... but it came out pretty well in the end, even if the Love Of My Life instantly spotted about 20 Basic Errors like the fact that the headline made no sense whatsoever. It's DONE now though - HOORAH!

Also on the publicity front, Steve's been emailing some webpage people about the album, to try and get them to publicise the sampler (at and it's been beautiful. Within an hour almost a third of them had emailed back to say "Yes please, DO send us a copy of the album!" and many have suggested other places to send it to as well. Isn't that lovely? I've always found the New Media (hem hem) MUCH more open and friendly than the traditional press or national radio (although local radio people are FANTASTIC), and this just reaffirmed that belief. Thanks!

posted 2/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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