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Blog: Scream If You Want To Go Faster!

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We're moving on... today I went to look at the artwork proofs for the album. This is meant to be a time for me to check that the manufacturers are doing their job, but inevitably it ended with a lot of me saying "Oops! Sorry!" and sending new versions of half the files... still, is sorted now, and again we move on. "Tuesday or Wednesday" for proofs mean we bang on schedule to get albums at the end of next week. LAWKS!

Also even more of the online fraternity are replying, beautifully, to Mr Dresden's emails. Goodness ME but I'm getting excited about this now, the only thing keeping me from leaping about the room is the fact that i've been awake since 4am. Did you know that the tube doesn't start from Leytonstone until 5.33am? I didn't, until today, at about 5.20am, when I got there. The reason for all this was to get to Heathrow in time to meet my lovely brother off the aeroplane - he's been in Australia for the past 18 months, so there were MANLY TEARS and much hugging. He then went off with the parents, whilst myself and ANOTHER lovely brother went to find ourselves sitting in the morning rush hour, but with our body clocks set to LUNCH.

Aaah, it's lovely though, I'm well chuffed that he's back. And now I'm off to collect the Love Of My Life from the Railway Station. She's been away for two nights, rather than 18 months, but that was LONG ENOUGH.

posted 3/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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