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Cor, it was a day of MEDICAL ACTION for me yesterday and NO mistake. First of all i strode manfully off into Leyton to see the doctor, so he could look at a) my scabby elbows b) a LUMP in my back. EEK! He seemed quite concerned about the psoriasis, and gave me FIVE (5) medications various to try, but wasn't bothered about the lump, apparently it's EITHER fibrous OR fatty (i.e. GRISTLE) and nothing to worry about. PHEW! Just as I was RELAXING from that news he said "Would you like a flu jab?" LAWKS! I had to STOP myself from saying "I'd LOVE a flu jab! WHOO!" as they are GRATE - i had one YEARS ago when i worked in Leicester General Hospital and I had an ACE winter of NO POORLINESS, so was KEEN to say the least. FEAR NOT tho, i am not depriving OLD LADIES or anything, they'd doled them out to everyone who needed them and had some spare for their BESTEST PATIENTS and I guess that the fact that i neither CRIED nor SULKED meant i got a free treat. HOORAH!

Off into the East End I walked and thence to WORK and then in the afternoon i took Shanks's Pony once again into the West End, there to GIVE BLOOD. Yes, that's right - I AM A LIVING SAINT. I did think that maybe the Flu Jab would've meant I'd need another appointment, but apparently it makes no difference so once again i was PIERCED and set to BLEEDING. I've been going to these sessions for AGES, but just lately i have started DRIBBLING. It's weird - i was sat in the ANTE ROOM enjoying my BISCUITS (3) afterwards when I noticed my arm felt a bit cold - I pulled down my sleeve and LO! GORE!

The same thing happened the time before last, and it was a bit DRAMATIC - i showed my arm to a nurse and suddenly i was SURROUNDED by them, LEAPING into action and then... er... taking me back into the other room to dab it a bit.

After all THAT it was back to work for a bit before home, standing up most of the way as the TRANES were KNACKERED and so there were much less than usual. Apparently a STRONG WIND means that the entire rail network COLLAPSES (entire country steps back in amazement, supersonic, at the idea that our transport infrastructre may not be the best in the world), and so it was RAMMED. By the time i got home i was UTTERLY KNACKERED and had to a) have a bath b) go to BED! CRIKEY! THAT is how done in I was, and i felt ASHAMED for LO! some people in ROCK pierce themselves with needles every DAY and they seem to stay up all NIGHT. Where am i going wrong?

Anyway, all better now, which is GOOD as tomorrow The Needle On My Syringe and I are off to SHEFFIELD for the weekend, including an afternoon celebrating the birthday of Ms Penny Blackham. I believe it is going to be GRATE!

posted 19/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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