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Blog: What Difference Does It Make?

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Frenzied BRANE STORMING is the fashion in Castle Validator at the moment, as questions have been raised about the proposed cover for our next single, after The Guitarist In My Smiths Band looked at it and raised some ISSUES of it being a) a bit boring and b) other. We DEBATED the issue at home and I passed on the results of our discussion to The Validators, from whom FURTHER debate was harnessed. We've PRETTY MUCH decided to go for a different, more EXCITING cover, most likely a Smiths Cover Re-Enactment, most likely featuring ME!

THUS at least 60% of The Validators are made happy, ME because the cover will feature ME, The Rhythm Section because it gives them ample opportunity to discuss their favourite Smiths cover art. They like that sort of thing. An extra bonus for ME is that it means i might "have" to finally get myself a digital camera in order to take these pictures. WAHEY!

We've hotly debated a number of covers - Tim suggested me re-doing the art to the eponymous first album... something which i doubt ANYBODY would want to see... and after an early lead by Meat Is Murder it seems that What Difference Does It Make is coming around the bend at high speed, because a) it's the one THEY re-posed, so would be FITTING and b) i can swap the chloroform/milk for BEER.

Just nobody mention Hand In Glove...

posted 23/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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ahem - not William you dunce! Even your blog title and your link points to the right thing
posted 23/1/2007 by Anonymous

posted 23/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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