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After a weekend of MUCH activity it felt a little strange to be heading out onto the train again for Distant Brixton, where I was playing a Let's Go Baboon night at The Windmill. I arrived to find Stu Baboon doing the Traditional Promoter's Pacing and general Looking Worried - when a promoter STOPS doing either of these then they have CROSSED A LINE. Worried Pacing Promoters are still EXCITED about putting gigs on and will be UPSET if people do not turn up, and will also attempt to FOIST money and BEER upon you at any available opportunity, they are the GOOD ones to go with!

So yes, everything seemed to go very smoothly, I got soundchecked, had a beer, and after the usual PANIC where I FORGOT almost every single song I have ever written (i really must get round to doing myself a LAMINATED LIST of Songs I Know How To Play, it would cut down a LOT of FEAR) i went on and did THIS:

  • The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
  • Dinosaur Planet
  • Red & White Sockets
  • It Only Works Because You're Here
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Vicar In A Tutu

  • TWO new songs in that little lot - Dinosaur Planet seemed to go down OK, although Vicar In A Tutu was IMPEDED rather by the fact that the SHOELACE holding my strap to the guitar came unknotted, so I had to play my last song hopping around on one leg, using the other to hold said guitar within strumming distance. It was, in fact, a pretty HAPHAZARD performance all round, as doing new stuff made me THINK AHEAD during other songs, which DISTRACTED me from what i was meant to be doing. Still, i really enjoyed myself, it was a HECK of a lot of fun, and i was ESPECIALLY pleased to be doing so much NEW, and especially especially chuffed to find that My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once was going down so well, as INDEED did The Lesson Of The Smiths ... which is HANDY!

    I had another drink (in a SUDDENLY very MUCH fuller pub - had they all been waiting outside?) and chatted to the Now Much Calmer Stu and his lovely FIANCEE, The Voice Of Film Four, who I'd not seen for AGES, and then after the next band decided it was probably best to be getting home. HOWEVER! Just as i got to the GATES at Brixton tube a familiar voice said "Mark!" I looked to see A Guy In A Hat who, like SUPERMAN or something, removed his disguise to suddenly become Thom Chesser, old pal from LEICESTER POLY days, who used to live just down the road from us. THUS my return home was DELAYED as we went round the corner for a PINT and a CHAT - it was lovely to see him and find he's doing RATHER WELL - indeed, he has somehow WRANGLED it so he is a Stay At Home Dad - and I eventually carried on my journey home, full of the joys of LIFE.

    posted 29/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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