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Blog: It's Quiet... Almost TOO Quiet...

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I find myself swishing around in a small pool of quietness at the moment. After an ACTION FRENZY at the beginning of the week I've done most of the things I can do for the moment, and find myself with little to do but WAIT for further information from the factory. It's very exciting, but I'm keeping a tight lid on things, not getting myself too... ZANG! IT'S COMING!

Sorry. In other news, Mr Pattison was in That London last night, so we met for a pre-train BEER, which was lovely, and we savoured one of the last times we'll be able to GO into a pub together without being mobbed, oh yes. He had some DELIGHTFUL news too, and there was much happiness.

Meanwhile GIGS are slowly being added to the gigs page. I'm hoping to sort out a London gig for the Validators soon (as part of the AAS 5th Birthday Celebrations, whoo!) and I'm pretty hopeful we'll get something sorted in Stoke, also Leeds, Sheffield, Leicester and maybe Cambridge, and another solo spot in Winchester. I'd REALLY like to have them all in an exciting Big List Of Gigs, but as I keep reminding myself, It's A Marathon Not A Sprint, and if we're still doing gigs on the back of the album in OCTOBER then that's only four months away, as opposed to the 35 it took to get the album done.

I can't wait - BRING IT ON!

posted 6/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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