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Blog: Weekend Action

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Apart from ROCKING it has been a weekend of FRENZIED ACTION... tho less FRENZIED than expected, for LO! You know Computers? Nowadays? They're GRATE aren't they?

As i mentioned over Christmas, our old computer threw a bit of a WOBBLER, which persuade myself and the USB On My Memory Stick to FINALLY get ourselves a new computer, which arrived on Thursday. I spent that evening and most of Friday GIRDING myself for the doubtless DAY LONG STRUGGLE i was going to have to get it sorted out. I got our old computer about eight years ago, and it had been a RIGHT palaver sorting it all out, and I'd put LOADS of programs on it since then. MIGHTY DREAD did fill my mind as I sat down to begin my awesome task...

... and then, half an hour later, it was FINISHED! It would appear that, since last I bought one, Computers have come on a LONG way and, indeed, are pretty much designed for Normal People to put together with EASE. It reminded me of a conversation i had recently with my Dear Step-Father, who pointed out that in OLDEN TYME everybody had to KNOW how a car worked just because they broke down so often (he gave the pertinent example of a family holiday, when you'd have to pack extra food for the INEVITABLE stop when the engine blew up - I REMEMBER) but nowadays they're SO much more reliable that you don't have to worry. It struck me that the same may well apply to computers. I plugged in the interweb - five minutes later, WE'RE OFF! Printers were installed, programs were put on, and for a GRAND FINALE i put all the old files from the old computer back on. It had taken about THREE HOURS for the old computer to transfer everything onto the portable hard drive (a WONDER DEVICE which itself has TWICE the memory of the old machine), the new one did it in TEN MINUTES!

Hmm... mind you, i shall have to be sure to put a BUCKET OF WATER and a set of LOGIC DEFYING CONCEPTS nearby, just in case it gets any BIG IDEAS about destroying its human masters.

In other ACTION PACKED ACTION there was shopping, cooking, management of my ever growing EMPIRE OF EBAY (the corner of our bedroom is getting tidier and tidier every week!), a quick chat to my DAD (he was SIXTY yesterday - BLIMEY! - and they were onto the PORT by 6pm!), and rather a lot of FUN with DIGITAL CAMERAS. YASS, i bought one of THESE last week two, so that I could take part in a PROJECT with the rest of The Validators. Emails and photographs were flying across the interweb yesterday as we compared our work, submitting entries for the cover of the next single. It's looking rather GRATE so far, although those DARNED PATTISONS seem to be TRUMPING everybody else with their Worryingly Exact photography. Obviously i shall FORWARD the finished product to this very page when it's done, but until then here's one that WON'T be making it onto the final cover:


Picture, along with several OTHERS, courtesy of The Zoom In My Lens. There's PLENTY more where that came from (this one missed out because Tim did a TERRIFYINGLY EXACT COPY of the original) and as I'm sure you can imagine, MUCH fun was had by all - so much so that it looks like the single is going to have to have a GATEFOLD SLEEVE to contain it all!

posted 29/1/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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