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Blog: Nine Months To Go!

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I got into work - SHOCKINGLY - a bit late today, as myself and The Jim Steinman Remix Of My "Never Forget" and I MANNED seperate telephones and Web Stations to try and get through to book us some tickets to see TAKE THAT at the end of the year. Predictably all ticket spouting webpages COLLAPSED at 1 second past 9am, and I ended up spending twenty minutes pressing redial on my phone as I trawled round pressing "refresh" on the computer, until SUDDENLY a voice was saying "Press 1 for Take That". Press 1 i DID and then schlepped through an automated system, during which i accidentally started booking tickets for the Saturday night show - we'd decided to go for the MONDAY as, wisely, we believed that we'd have more chance of getting better seats than on a weekend, and the DOME (where the gigs are) is so nice and near to our house (relatively) it didn't matter which night we went.

I kept on through the system as i REASONED that by the time I'd cancelled, tried again and got through it'd all be over... and then, in my PANIC, just as they were selling me tickets for row 9 Million, i put an INCORRECT PHONE NUMBER IN! DOOM! FEAR! HORROR... oh, and then suddenly i was speaking to a nice lady who asked me what day I'd like - i was able THUS to get MUCH better seats on the Monday night, HOORAH! I was IMPRESSED too as ALL tickets were EITHER 25 or 45 quid - OK, this is still NOT CHEAP and there's several annoying quids worth of "booking" fee (GRR!), but compared to the prices you TEND to have to pay to get decent tickets it is NOT SO BAD REALLY. Previously when we've been to BIG SHOWS (e.g. Macca, Coldplay) we'd got "cheap" tickets and ended up having no fun at all, as you might as well have been watching it on TELLY (tho even then BEER would have been cheaper and the sound BETTER) so had AGREED that we'd pay WHATEVER IT COST to get as close to the front as we could this time, and so i was almost disappointed to be paying comparitively little.

In the interests of comparison I have just worked out that if you paid full price you could have seen ALL my gigs last year (barring Secret Garden Party, which was a FESTIVAL) for £45.50! BARGAIN!

Anyway, we've got our tickets BOOKED now and the gentle RISE in excitement can begin. We're going on 3rd December - it'll be the start of CHRISTMAS!!

posted 2/3/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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