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Blog: So Close, And Yet, So Far

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I've been sort of (well, not sort of at all - ABSOLUTELY) hoping that the album was going to turn up tomorrow... well, to be honest, I was more hoping that it would have turned up TODAY, but I've just discovered that it's not going to be arriving until MONDAY now. Now, this doesn't make much difference to anything really - promo copies are going out next Thursday (i.e. on my BIRTHDAY, for Added Voodoo Power) and everything's all ready packed up (76 envelopes with 76 address labels on one side and 76 "if undelivered" stickers on the other containing 76 letters and 76 press releases), but I am EAGER to get my hands on them, so it's a tiny bit disappointing. Also me and Tom are off to HULL on Saturday to play a gig there, so I was rather keen on the idea of having a few to sell then.

Still, NEVER MIND, it's been three years already, and as Johnny Logan would doubtless tell us, what's another weekend?

posted 12/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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