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Blog: Hull: Rocked.

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Mr McClure and I went up to HULL at the weekend to play at the Adelphi. The Aldephi is WEIRD - I'd always pictured it as being like an old run-down cinema, but actually it is a knocked through HOUSE, in a very ordinary row of terraced houses where there's absolutely nothing else going on at all. It's STRANGE. Gig was also a bit odd - it was Eddy The Promoter's birthday party, so most people were there to see him and all the other associated mates they'd not seen for a while THUS they weren't that interested in us. Fair enough really, I'd've been the same in their situation, and on we went with the set, discovering that Tom coming on for an Accompanied Section was a Really Good Thing, although I was a bit surprised to find, for the first time ever, "Boom Shake the Room" NOT going down really well.

So afterwards we sat down for a drink, and for the next half hour nobody bothered us or said anything at all - again, it was a bit disheartening, but fair enough really. Then people started coming over and saying they liked it, or stopping me on the way to / in / on the way back from the loo, to say how much they'd enjoyed it. Towards the end of the evening people got quite emotional about it, and there was even HUGGING. One chap in particular was BRILLIANT, he said he liked "Easily Impressed" because it was about liking your job, and he LOVED his job. He was head gardener at a massive stately home type open garden, and his job was, he said "To find beautiful things and make them even more beautiful". What a FANTASTIC thing to say, he was BRILLIANT.

Also people kept saying "See you again in October!" and it turns out they were saying this because, apparently, we're going with the whole band to play in October! Hoorah! The other band playing, I'm told, are made up of people from 6 other local bands, doing their first gig as a SuperGroup. Good golly, there might even be PEOPLE there!!

Yesterday we drove back in glorious sunshine. Aaah, summer! and ROCK!

posted 16/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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