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Blog: More New Single Stuff

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Excitement MOUNTS as we move closer to the release of the new single ... well, it does where I'm sitting anyway. I've just sent out the traditional SPECIAL OFFER to members of the Mailing List, which will give them the chance to get a copy a week early and a quid cheaper - if we keep on having BENEFITS like this we shall soon have to get a Smart Club Wallet And Badges. Hmm...

ALSO moving along the road to release, I've just put THREE of the tracks from the single onto our MYSPACE page, so's you can have a TRY before you BUY. There's also a MINI-preview of some of the artwork too.

I'm off on holiday next week, but when I return there'll be a HEAP of new things on the site - an exciting fresh NEW LOOK, for one thing, as well as proper previews of the cover art, an update to the Special Offers in the shop and, obviously, a sales page for the single itself. It's been a LONG old time coming, i am GEARED UP like NOBODY'S BUSINESS for this to finally get going!

I'll try and do a very quick update before I go, probably after tonight's gig (me onstage at 8.20pm!), but if I don't I hope everyone has a LOVELY week, and I'll see you when I get back!

posted 13/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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