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I set off on a LOVELY Spring afternoon yesterday to go and meet Mr Francis Albert Machine from the train station - he's met ME from stations so often i thought I ought to at least repay the favour ONCE. Off we strolled through scenic Bloomsbury, stopping briefly for a pub PINT, and reached Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes to find a) THE TIGER had arrived b) everything about to start happening. It was a WELL groovy little venue, like several COMPLEXES that had had a bizarre teleport accident, with a nice stage, a bar, karaoke booths, a DINER, a CINEMA and obviously BOWLING ALLEYS all jumbled up together. COOL!

We went and sat for a chat, then The Tiger and Mrs The Tiger went for a stroll. As me and Frankie were chatting away a waitress came over and asked if we'd like any food. "Maybe some Nachos?" she said. We politely declined then spent the next half hour thinking of NOTHING BUT NACHOS. Next time she came by we GIBBERED WITH HUNGER, "Could we have some Nachos please?" I asked. "No", she said, "We don't serve them on Sundays." It was CRUEL!

Soon The Tiger returned and The Pattisons arrived, and we sat down to DISCUSS. The rest of us had formulated a setlist even before Tim arrived - we were worried about his reaction, as it is HIS JOB, but he simply IGNORED it completely, writing out a list of EXCACTLY the same songs on the SAME piece of paper as if nothing else had been written. His wrath was thus AVOIDED. PHEW.

More people arrived, including The Corn Based Chips In My Plate Of Nachos, and much DELIGHTFUL fun was had, as it always is on the rare occasions when the expanded Validator Family is gathered. Soon it was time for us to go on, but our commencement was DELAYED by an amp which had DIED before we'd even had a chance to mess it up. The sound guy tried to mean it to no avail, but luckily Fight Fire With Water had a SPARE and so we got going, and did THIS:
  • The Gay Train
  • Dress Sexy At My Funeral
  • My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once
  • We Only Ever Meet In Church
  • Never Going Back To Aldi's
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Easily Impressed

  • We had a GRATE time, best gig we've done together in AGES! I was a bit worried about doing "Dress Sexy At My Funeral" (our SMOG cover, as it was International Smog Day and everybody had to do one) but it seemed to work out all right, and Emma was a bit worried about My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once as her vocals were really loud in the monitors, mine were very quiet, and she was DEAF in one ear due to poorliness, but everyone else seemed to think it was FINE. After those worries were passed we had an ACE time, there was DANCING and POSING and CHAT and, according to eyewitnesses, much FUNKINESS about the all round band sound. It was GRATE to be doing quite so many new and/or different songs, and it was ESPECIALLY nice to get a CHEER at the start of The Lesson Of The Smiths... although that may have been someone scoring well on the Bowling Lanes next door.

    THUS it was a happy band of Validators who packed away, with Frankie then having to RUN for his train and The Pattisons and Tigers following shortly after. Myself and the Finising Time For My Marathon Runner stuck around and watched Fight Fire With Water who were GOOD, in a very Math Rock Stylee, and then enjoyed Airport Girl doing an EXTREMELY Old Skool set - it was like seeing them about 8 years ago!

    I met several really nice people, thanked George The Promoter for doing a BRILLIANT time, and then it was all too soon time for us to go, unfortunately missing Wintergreen's set. We had a lovely day though, hopefully we will get to play there again some time!

    posted 23/4/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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