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I'm beginning to think that the delivery of these CDs is becoming a MICROCOSMIC ECHO of the Album Recording sessions, such is the unstoppability of its delays. The CDs I thought would be coming on Friday, then Monday, and were then put back to Thursday are NOW not coming until NEXT Monday, as the inlays went off to the wrong place altogether! HOWEVER, Key are being very nice and also apologetic, bless, and TOMORROW I am told I will be recieving TWO deliveries - one containing 100 CDs in their boxes, and another containg 100 inlays. THUS i get to spend my birthday putting them all together, before sealing them up in jiffy bags and sending them out - wahey!

This does, I guess, allow to put a little bit of even MORE Added Voodoo into each one as I send it out, and whatever form they come in I'll be glad to see them. Rest assured, gentle readers, if they DO turn up tomorrow I'll let you know, that the REJOICING may BEGIN!

posted 18/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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