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Blog: It's OUT there!

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I spent most of yesterday hand assembling 100 copies of the album, making sure the writing on the CD itself was aligned, and BLESSING each one individually. 76 of them have now been POSTED, and some of them have actually ARRIVED at their destinations, my first footsoldiers in this year's campaign of ROCK. It's all TERRIBLY exciting. After all this time people are FINALLY going to hear these songs - I've been very CONTROLLED this time, only breaking ranks a few times to INFLICT individual records on people. I wonder what everyone will say? I think the new stuff is MUCH more involved and groovy than the old, but what if nobody notices?

Oh well, we can only wait and see can't we? Oh, and if you just can't WAIT to find out, don't forget you can always download three of the 18 tracks (plus "Programming Is A Poetry For Our Time", and "EXCLUSIVE" track) via the album sampler. Go to it!

posted 20/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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