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My Bank Holiday weekend started rather GROOVILY with a trip to leafy ISLINGTON on Friday night, to attend Beat Hotel at The Buffalo Bar. I met my young brother and a PAL for a drink beforehand, and together we went downstairs, where I bumped into LOADS of nice people who i knew - this particularly was ACE, as it reminds me of the BYGONE days of The Magazine in The Leicester... ANYWAY we had a bit of a wander round and a chat, and then it was time for Mr Pete Green to come on.

He was BLOODY GRATE - i have seen him on numerous occasions, but this was far and away the BEST. Afterwards he said he'd felt a bit tense, and if this is the case then I would advise people to ring him up and tell him his fridge has broken or that someone is out to GET him before ever gig, as it seemed to make things ROCK. CONFIDENT, assured, in control and all round ACE, it was a MASTERFUL performance which made them there songs of his SHINE OUT. I was a) impressed b) ODDLY MOVED to see him being SO VERY GOOD. HOORAH!

After that we watched Pocketbooks before HOTFOOTING it over the road for a healthy life-giving PINT - the weekend, it had COMMENCED!

posted 29/5/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Thanks Mark! I cited your view when people asked me how I went, cos I know you wouldn't say stuff you didn't mean.

Looking forward to 31 August! It'll be great to play with you again.
posted 31/5/2007 by Pete Green

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