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Gigs are flowing in now - someone just rang to offer us ANOTHER London gig (t.b.c.), whilst it looks like my return to Winchester is sorted out. For those who don't want to go to the GIGS page, here are those dates again in full:

  • 4th July - The Verge, Kentish Town, London (DUO gig, with the return of Tom on violin)
  • 24th July - The Railway Inn, Winchester (solo)
  • 1st August - Upstairs at The Garage, London (Silver Rocket Club)
  • 2nd August - The Victoria Inn, Derby (with The Validators!)
  • 14th August - The Windmill, Brixton (More Validator action)

    ... and then we should be playing in Hull again in October and maybe Stoke around September. There's also possibilities of gigs in Leeds, Leicester and Sheffield around then too. We're ROCKING ON to Christmas!

    posted 20/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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