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Blog: A Galactic Alignment

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Stop the clocks, hold the phone and fetch the cat in, a MOMENTOUS THING has occurred: we've actually BOOKED a couple of Validators practices!

If that wasn't enough - readers of a nervous or excitable nature look away NOW - they're BOTH within the next three and a bit weeks! Even TYPING those words looks WRONG, like a MISPLELED WORD: surely i mean "One practice is in August, the other is the month of NAKTEMBER, as yet UNINVENTED"? But no, after negotiations that have lasted - literally, and with no word of a fib - MONTHS, we have finally found a couple of dates when we can MEET, and, almost as importantly, found somewhere we can meet IN.

It's bound to go horribly wrong isn't it? THUS the plan is that next Thursday (next Thursday!) a significant proportion of Validators will gather at our old haunt STAYFREE in Leicester, where we will spend several hours learning some of the new songs and, hopefully, writing some EVEN NEWER ones. A fortnight later we regroup back at The Music Shed in Derby to do some more of the same.

After THAT we've got some GIGS (including the INCREDIBLY EXCITING Indietracks Festival) and then if all goes to plan it's back to the studio to start recording some MORE of the new album.

I feel like the owner of the NEW AIRLINE at the the film saying "Pah! Nothing can possibly go wrong! What does it matter if the Pilot is a ZOMBIE?" ALL ABOARD!

posted 5/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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