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Blog: They Pulled Me Back

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After all the excitement last week of Actually Getting the first 100 CDs, I was feeling pretty relaxed about the remainder turning up this morning... and remained relaxed until it WASN'T morning anymore, and I had to come in to work. GOODNESS ME. It turns out that the Delivery Van broke down, so now they're being delivered to our long suffering production agency, who are going to send them round to me in a taxi later in the week. They're lovely, aren't they?

It's just STRUCK me that, now that the CDs are OUT and also ABOUT, there might feasibly be people reading this who HAVEN'T followed the rest of us through the THRILLS and EXCITEMENT of Getting An Album Manufacturerd. If this is so, then baby you have missed out - check out prior postings, and THRILL to my repeated telephone calls to see when they're being delivered! GASP as I go to visit the manufacturers again! WEEP with FEAR as I realise in the nick of time that I've done the artwork wrong! And APPLAUD as I end up having to sit down and make the first 100 mysefl!

I've just finished reading "Rat Pack Confidential" - HA! They have NOTHING on the KER-RAZINESS of today's modern independent record label, right kids?

posted 23/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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