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  • It has been pointed out to me that I had a Tofu Burger, NOT a jacket potato on the Saturday at Llama, and that in fact we BOTH had jacket potatoes on the SUNDAY. I apologise for the confusion.
  • With regard to Steve's comment, to be fair to the Beer Tent, it WAS very hot, they HAD been there since 8am and they DID look very overheated and tired out, so please officer, DON'T ARREST THEM for breaking the Licencing Laws.
  • That reminds me - crieky, there weren't half a lot of police around. On the Friday night FOUR of them came into the pub with a SNIFFER DOG!
  • This may explain something else i forgot to mention, when we TERRIFIED the lady in Tourist Information by asking her questions about the Festival - she was very keen to show us walking maps of the area, but looked ALARMED when we asked where the main stage of the festival was. It was quite sweet really - we obviously changed from a Nice Young Couple into an ARMY OF NEW AGE TRAVELLERS before her very eyes!
  • And now, back to our scheduled broadcast, part two of our trip to Devon...

    posted 12/6/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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