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Blog: Those Songs In Full

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This is what we came up with at the end of last night's festivities:

Songs We'll Almost Definitely Be Playing Live:
Easily Impressed
Payday Is The Best Day
Post-Subsonic Bass
Billy Jones Is Dead
The Symbol Of Our Nation
Things'll Be Different *
Everything's Turning Out All Right (everything) *

Songs We'll Probably Do Live
Hey Hey 16K
If You're Too Turned On
Make The World Go Blind *
Holdalls *
Fat Was A Feminist Issue
The Merchant Ivory Punks
Where Is My Torch?
The Girl Who...

Songs To Try Out Next Time, Or For Soundchecks, And That:
Falling For Trust *
Stop, Look and Listen *
Mr Right
Red & White Sockets

* pending a good deal more practice, anyway

posted 25/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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