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Blog: Yr Finest a-hour

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I went to see REM last night! My dear friend Mr Myland's little brother (he's only 5!*) had a couple of spare tickets, which i SNAPPED UP, and thus The Love Of My Life and I headed on down to Brixton to see them. It was ACE! OK, some bits were a bit boring, but most of it was AMAZING - just like when I saw them at Glastonbury, in fact. They started with "Finest Worksong" and "What's The Frequency Kenneth", and Michael Stipe he WORKED the room, bless him. Strangely some of the more recent songs came across the best, especially "Answers From The Great Beyond", which ROCKED.

The encorse started with "Everybody Hurts", and when the whole crowd started singing "HOOOOLD ON" towards the end it really was PROFOUNDLY moving. Then, typically, they did a bizarrely pointless and dull new song, and finished with "The End Of The World As We Know It" which was honestly one of the best things EVER seen by me at a gig. We all BELLOWED the "Me and Leonard Bernstein" bit, and when Mr Stipe went "Right?" and we all shouted "RIGHT!" back - that was GRATE! There was much politely murmured singing on the way home too.

Oh yeah, and the Brixton Academy - what a GRATE venue! Not only was it nice to look at, had reasonably accesible bars, and toilets that you could get in to, you could actually SEE from wherever you were standing!! BRILLIANT!

posted 26/6/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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