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Blog: VAN Sessions

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I headed over to Highbury & Islington after work last night to meet Mr Charles Flowers for a SESSION in his VAN. OH YES! We met in the pub and then nipped round the corner where the aforesaid van was parked before setting to recording some HOT BODRAHN ACTION for the solo album. My initial plan was to put my Lovely Four Track near the Bodrahn and record THAT whilst i lurked on the other side of the van playing ukelele, which I'd brought with me, but we soon realised a MUCH better way to do it would be to record Charlie playing the basic rhythm then record EXTRA stuff over the top of it, then later re-do it for LOOPS.

And that's what we did - we got three tracks worth of stuff for Save A Meadow and four for I Did A Gig In New York and had a RIGHT larf making a PROPER RACKET - i can heartily recommend a VAN for recording sessions, should you be wondering, it has a GRATE acoustic and is EXCELLENT for Very Loud Foot Stomps. This morning I spent a happy hour or so sampling and LOOPING these different bits and i think it is going to turn out RATHER WELL.

Before that, however, it was HO! for the Buffalo Bar with my ukelele on my back - on entering a Bobby McGee said "Everyone's got ukeleles!" and he was RIGHT, for all THREE bands that night were using God's Own Instrument. We were there to SEE the Bobby McGees and i must say they were BRILLIANT, very shouty and exciting and funny and all round GRATE - I'm playing with them again in Brighton tomorrow, i can't WAIT!

posted 11/8/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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