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I got back quite late from Brum but only had a TINY lie-in on Sunday morning as there were HOUSE KEEPING activities going on... so I went and hid in another room, and did some RECORDING, including a RATHER nice, very simple, bass line for Hey William which is sounded LUSH. Time FLASHED past and before I knew it it was time to get onto the little train from Leytonstone High Road and ZOOM into town for the Pop Art all-dayer at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.

The day was a COMIC BOOK themed one, and THUS i was sporting my Fantastic Four T-Shirt. It's the negative one from the JOHN BYRNE YEARS - i LIKE it. I said hello to the organisers, then my brother and his lovely Mrs arrived, along with some PALS, and so we fell to CHAT until it was time to ROCK, and THIS is how I did so:
  • The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
  • I Did A Gig In New York
  • Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid
  • Billy Jones Is Dead
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • The Gay Train
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Easily Impressed

  • Boom Shake The Room

  • It was a LOT of fun, although I fear i may have got a bit CARRIED AWAY with the comics theme. I felt a bit bad about only having TWO songs that mention comics (I Did A Gig In New York and Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid) so during Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid I thought I'd EXPLAIN a bit about The Inhumans and... well, went on a bit. The history of The Inhumans, including the SEEDING of EARTH by THE CELESTIALS, The Terrigen Mists, ALL THAT got mentioned, with approximately THREE people in the room going "Whoo! Yeah! Tell them how THE ETERNALS fit into all this!" and everyone else looking first CONFUSED then SLIGHTLY APPALLED. I managed to STOP myself, only to notice that one of the organised was in a WOLVERINE costume and I found myself saying "Hey hey! Take a claw out of each hand and you could be X-23! Ooh, is that Sabretooth? RUN!" and so on... and on, and on.

    Apart from THAT tho it all seemed to go down quite well, I especially enjoyed doing a little DANCE in the relevant part of I Did A Gig In New York, an EXTREMELY AVANT GARDE bit of Future Music in Do The Indie Kid and people CHEERING when I started doing The Gay Train - actually, that was my favourite. I got politely asked to do an encore (actually, by two of the three people DIGGING THE INHUMANS) and asked The Audience to choose between Boom Shake The Room and Hey Hey 16K. I think the result was due to them having ENOUGH Geek Action.

    Gig DONE I had a quick chat with People Various then headed home, having promised to make TEA, saying hello to The Gresham Flyers who, bless them, had turned up a bit early to see me. I'd've liked to have stayed on to see them but i had HOMELY DUTIES, and also i am WARY of drinking too much this week as I'm off on HOLIDAY on Thursday, and do not wish to make myself POORLY. Hey, it's not very rock and roll, this i do know, but i'm GASPING for a holiday!

    posted 3/9/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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    aw dude, i was going to come out and play yesterday afternoon but MUCH RUIN had descended due to hot late-night poptimism action...
    posted 3/9/2007 by CarsmileSteve

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