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It was all a bit strange last night - I spent a couple of hours colouring in album covers, writing letters and putting stickers onto envelopes and then, at 8.45pm, sat down to wait for the telephone to ring, so that I could do a pre-arranged interview (pre-ARRANGED, not pre-recorded!) with Mr Bob Fischer for the Gobstopper show on BBC Tees. The phone rang, i got put through to the studio, and off we went for 15 minutes of LARKS and CHAT... mostly about ROCK AND ROLL subjects like Mapping Alien 8 and... er... well that was mostly what we talked about.

It was all in aid of publicising the GIG in a week and a bit in Middlesbrough and much fun it was too. After it was all done I went downstairs to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. "I've just been on the radio", i told the cats. They didn't seem interested (unless it was RADIO FOOD) so I made my cuppa and went back to my colouring in. It was all a bit odd really!

posted 2/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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