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I woke up on Sunday EVER SO SLIGHTLY the worse for wear, had a bath (I couldn't work out how to make it into a shower - the reception guy said "Yes, it can be a bit difficult on a Sunday Morning, especially after a Sunday Night" because HEY! people in Sheffield just ROLL that way!) and then trundled down hill to catch my train. The sign said it was half an hour late, due to "planned engineering works". Now, pardon me if i've misunderstood this, but if the works were "planned", surely they wouldn't be delaying trains unexpectedly? Either it's a timetabled rescheduling or a cock-up, isn't it?

ANYWAY, I sent a text to Tim, in his Producer Capacity, who rang back to inform me he was just passing Sheffield on his way back from LEEDS, so SWUNG BY and picked me up. HOORAH! We had a very pleasant journey and arrived at Snug Recording Studio just before 10.30am to find Mr Frankie Machine already there... although only temporarily.

We already knew our Frankie Time was going to be limited as a Derby County game had been reschuled, but now it turned out we'd get even LESS as he had to go and fetch his BOY from Football. It looked like all was LOST but, as ever when it's Frankie, it was all FINE in the end. Both Robbie AND Rich were in Engineering The Session and they took GRATE care getting everything set up, so that by the time Tim and I had finally managed to record a semi-usable take of one song, Being Happy Doesn't Make Your Stupid, Frankie had returned and, as we'd got his gear set up for him, it was PEASY to get back into the GROOVE and record it again in a rather BETTER arrangement. That done we moved into a SWINGING version of That's Where All The Good Men Go which, i can verify, you can do the FOXTROT to.

Frankie and Frankie Jr headed off to The Match, so I re-did my acoustic guitar parts for both songs and then Tim and I laid down the Rhythm Track for "Songs About You", which we're doing for this PopArt compilation - Robbie is also a member of Plans & Apologies, and JOYFULLY said that he thought they'd be covering one of our songs for the project. "Is it because they're all dead easy?" I asked, and he agreed. It was dead nice having the pair of them in with us all day, it made the whole thing pass SO easily, it was like having a Studio Mum and Studio Dad in looking after us!

That done we worked out a new tune and arrangement for The Drummer's Lament, which Mr Producer had suggested for a future b-side, and which i think is going to need some BAGPIPES. By this time Derby Country had managed to assure DEFEAT so Tim when off to collect the Machines, and we carried on with the ROCK, recording One Of The Walls Of My House Fell In and the EPIC Leicester's Trying To Tell Me Something. MAN that is a a) nice sounding b) LONG song, tho not PROG. NO. Prog is anything of 7 minutes duration or more, Leicester's Trying To Tell Me Something is only 6 minutes 59 seconds. PHEW.

It was a brilliant day's work, also full of STUDIO LARKS and GAGS and I offered my congratulations to Mr Producer as he dropped me off at the station, before he headed back to carry on the good work.

I got what I realised was my LAST EVER Midland Mainline train home, and as the train was once again PACKED i celebrated by treating myself to a Weekend Upgrade. It was very nice, tho tinged with sadness, especially when they announced the availability of Complimentary Midland Mainline Tea And Coffee. Oh Rail Franchise Board, WHY must you take this away from us?

Mind you, when I got in they had the lights on in the New St Pancras, it looked GRATE. Is it WRONG to get so excited about he prospect of a new railway station?

posted 29/10/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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