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I just emailed everyone on the mailing list with the latest issue of The Newsletter, full of FACT and FUN and news of GIGS (sign up here if you've not already). JUST as I'd sent the last one out I got a message from the organisers of next week's GIG at the Big Fibbers Bucket Of Fun, to tell me it's been cancelled AGANE!

It's either the third or fourth time it's been called off due, i hasten to add, to the venue, not the nice chaps who run the gig, and it sounds like it's also the LAST time. It's a bit of an Annoying Thing, but can't be helped I guess... and it HAS instilled in my BRANE an idea for ANOTHER gig, to make sure i get up to GIG 60 this year. Yes, I know, when i did GIG 50 last year I said I wasn't going to do as many this time, but i already HAVE, so surely i should make the PUSH for 60, shouldn't I? I've not TOTALLY decided what to do yet, but when i do, i shall SHOUT about it here!

posted 30/11/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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