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Blog: Old And Tired

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It seems like a LONG LONG time since we last had a NEW SONG - there's not been one since the SONG FRENZY of the A Million Ukeleles SESSIONS, i don't think - so it is with some JOY that I give you We're Old And We're Tired (and we want to go home). As it says in the accompanying NOTES, it was writ after Sunday's gig in Sheffield, and has pretty much come our how i wanted it too. DEMO VERSION AHOY!

It feels like a very FITTING tune at the moment I must say, having had only ONE day not going out in the past NINE, i is KNACKERED. The revelry continued after work on Monday, when I went up to St Pancras INTERNATIONAL to meet my parents off the Eurostar. It was my Mum's 60th birthday, so we went to The Champagne Bar for CHAMPAGNE. This whole thing about it being "the longest Champagne Bar in the world" is a bit of a CON i reckon - you sort of get the idea that that means a really long BAR as in Serving Area, but actually that bit's pretty tiny. As far as I can see it just means that it's quite a long way from one end of the seating area to the other, which it IS, but i wouldn't have thought you'd promote that as an advantage - it's also probably the coldest, noisiest, thinnest, least well thought out Champagne Bar in the world too. When you've got a wheelie suitcase, as most people getting on or off the Eurostar HAVE, there's only room for one person to walk alongside the tables, and, as it IS so long and thin, you have to do that to see if there's actually anywhere to sit, BUT if someone else wants to get out you have to retreat ALL THE WAY BACK. It's DAFT!

Mind you, the whole rest of the station is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, especially the John Betjeman statue, that's BRILLIANT that is - after all the fuss about the Huge Snogging Statue, it was definitely the John Betjeman one that everyone was taking pictures of, as it is SO LOVELY. My parents also spotted The Designer, As Seen On Telly, and it was VERY tempting to go up to him and say "Well done", it's HEARTENING to see such a massive public project done so NICELY.

And then LAST night it was our work's Christmas Do, which was all going as to plan until one of our Fieldworkers revealed that NOT ONLY did she used to go out with Martin Carthy, NOT ONLY did she hang around at Ewan MacColl's house BUT ALSO she had been to see Bob Dylan play at The Free Trade Hall, a.k.a. THE MOST IMPORTANT GIG IN THE HISTORY OF ROCK!!!!

I was, and still am, GOBSMACKED! I speak to her on the phone nearly every week and had NO IDEA - next time she rings I'm going to try and get her to say "JUDAS!", just to check...

posted 5/12/2007 by MJ Hibbett

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Good Lord - your Mum is younger than my Mum! And yet I'm so very much younger than you... ;-)
posted 7/12/2007 by John Kell

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