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Blog: Mafia In Her Neck

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I received a rather FINE item through the post the other day - the LONG awaited Frankie Machine remix album. It's been DONE for AGES (INDEED i think most of the finished version is based on an early version he sent me about a YEAR ago, which was called back into service when the Frankie COMPUTER crashed), and APPEARS to be RIPPING OFF the sleeve design for A Million Ukeleles. Of course, NOTHING could be further from the truth, and even if he COULDN'T use Google I wouldn't start spreading the rumour that it was, for LO! those LOVELY sleeves were originally bought for this very project, I just nabbed them.

Anyway, it LOOKS gorgeous and sounds GRATE and it's only four quid, so I would HEARTILY endorse heading over the the website and NABBING one. There's even some GIGS coming up - HOORAH!

posted 6/2/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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