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Blog: Mixmaster Pattison

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Mr T Pattison, PRODUCER EXTRAORDINAIRE, was in the studio last night, mixing our next single. This morning he put up the RESULTS for us to listen to and so far they have been met with RELIEF, and IMPRESSEDNESS.

RELIEF because, although he's been at the controls SESSION-wise pretty much since we started doing this, last night was his first proper mix, and so, tho i off course TRUST him implicitly, i was not to know how they would sound. IMPRESSEDNESS because - PHEW! - it sounds BLOODY GRATE! Who could possibly have known that the Artists Formerly Known As One Of The Most Important Punks In The Country was ACTUALLY a Funkadelic Space Cowboy riding his AVANT STARSHIP out through the patio doors of THE FUTURE? Goodness me, there are a LOT of whizzes, SPLOINGS and BITS on it, even APART from the "Music Of The Future" bits, for LO! the A-Side is Do The Indie Kid and it is THE BUSINESS. It's got GLOCKENSPIEL on it!

Also included is The Drummer's Lament, which may have to go back for a slight tweak - i LIKE Massed Miners' Choirs as much as the NEXT chap, but when they LEAP out of the speakers and ATTACK you it can be a bit startling. ALSO also done last night were FOUR mixes of ACTUAL "Music Of The Future". We recorded little CHUNKS of this during our first session, spending a very happy half hour LARKING AROUND, and there's been talk of UTILISING them somehow as part of the single, so since then everybody's been in and ADDED to them. I've not heard them since the basic tracks were done, so when I heard the final results this morning I was AMAZED, and also a little UNSETTLED. They really do sound quite FRIGHTENING in a strange sort of way, and also DEAD GOOD - i see a GRAND future career for us in AVANT JAZZ, we done it EASY!

So, next step is to get QUOTEs for the single and get the artwork finished and then - LUMME! - we're OFF!

posted 7/2/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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