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Blog: Release Day!

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At long last, the GRATE DAY is upon is: Do The Indie Kid is officially OUT NOW!

To celebrate this auspicious occasion we've got a rather smashing new video - HERE:

If you like it, do please let other people know - it'd be GRATE if people could blog it, i would appreciate it this much: A LOT.

And after all that, if you'd like to BUY it you can purchase the 7" Single version from us - if you don't have a record player but would still like to own this chunky slice of vinyl, fear not, all purchases will be rewarded with a link to a page where you can download the songs - or, soon, from the Thee SPC online shop. Alternatively, if you are FUTURISTIC, you should be able to buy it for download from iTunes and all that sort of thing.

I am RATHER excited about this, it's been a lot of EFFORT to get it all done but i do not think I speak out of turn when I say that I think it has turned out GRATE!

posted 7/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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