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Blog: A Lovely Weekend

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I had a LOVELY weekend, celebrating the second anniversary of Me And My Woman, Getting It ON. We went to a LOT of festivals - first of all to the Respect Festival, which was Quite Nice (good things: Going in the dome, seeing Public Enemy; less good things: not being able to hear much about from idiot MCs, the mass of stalls saying "MUST! ACTION! DEMAND! NOW!" and the general lack of Good Vibes around them), although I did get a bit fed up after three quarters of an hour of people (who had a massive PA, for heaven's sake) SHOUTING at me to ask if I was ready, or not? Personally, I think they might have been better served asking the same question of Mr F.Flav, who patently WASN'T ready, rather than the several thousand of us waiting for him who very obviously WERE. Cuh!

Then it was HO! for Wanstead Park for a very different affair featuring a BAROQUE ENSEMBLE. It was JOLLY posh and middle class and that, and I found that to be rather nice I must confess. However, the Baroque Ensemble seemed to be a bit of a bunch of jessies in the end, as they packed up as soon as the rain started, and we had to rush home - aah, childhood memories a go go when we returned. I got in the shower and emerged REFRESHED, warm and dry and looking out at the rain, with a general feeling of WELLBEING all around, and it reminded me of my mum bringing me and my brother some tuna paste sandwiches to eat whilst we sat in towels watching Blue Peter twenty five years ago...

Anyway, then on Sunday we went to the Cathall GREEN Festival, which was the grooviest thing of the LOT, and not just because they were selling GOLDEN PROMISE BEER - it's organic, it's vegan, it fulfills ALL of Hibbett's Golden Rules Of Beer, and it's GRATE. Also there were loads of stalls, around which I happily wandered whilst filling myself with above mentioned BEER, there was PRECISELY the right sort of MELLOW JAZZ band you want to watch when it's nice and sunny and you've had BEER, and we managed to get away before the bloody Morris Men turned up. ACE!

Then we went home for a SLAP UP FEED - it was the kind of beautiful day that properly celebrates two years of being beautifully in love, it was GRATE!

posted 21/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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