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Blog: Like A Gay Action Man (with an inflated head)

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On the final leg of my journey home from Distant Stourbridge on Friday, I was sat quietly minding my own business on the Central Line when, somewhere around Bank, I heard somebody shout "ACTION!" I looked up to see William Hague getting on the train, striding purposefully into the carriage whilst a camera crew filmed him doing it. They then walked past me down the carriage to stand next to where i was sitting, and filmed him waiting around, then reading a book ("Birdsong", which is RUBBISH), and then talking to camera. He was dressed in the kind of Capital "C" Casual Clothes that only men who are NEVER casual wear. With his smartly ironed slightly too short jeans, brand new desert boots and neatly tucked in denim shirt he looked like nothing so much as a Gay Action Man. ESPECIALLY the hair - all he lacked was a big scar, the eagle eyes were there too. His head, however, looked a bit too big for his body, and I was surprised to find that, unlike all other People Off The Telly I've ever seen, he was actually Quite Tall.

This all went on until Mile End, when they got off. The train was full of typical Miserable Sod Central Liners who completely ignored the whole thing, leaving me desperate to find someone to say "Cor - did you see that eh?" to. Next time he's on telly, look out for the bit where he gets on the train - in the background you might see ME, in my AAS t-shirt, trying to look DISAPPROVING at the former leader of the Tories. REVOLUTION!

posted 28/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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