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Blog: The Last The Last Working Day Of The Month Of The Year

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I've just sent out the final (slightly Christmassy) NEWSLETTER of 2008. I did have vague ideas about making it a BUMPER ISSUE featuring a review of the year but a) the year's not over yet b) I really couldn't be bothered. The time for Reviewing The Year is NEXT week, when they've run out of GOOD TELLY, and as I'm HOME for the whole week this year (HOORAH!) I shall make an attempt on it then. There may even be GRAPHS!

In the meantime, thanks VERY much everybody who's read these MISSIVES over the course of the year, it really is EXTREMELY appreciated, and see you back here next year when, hopefully, there'll be all SORTS of excitement!

Have a lovely Christmas everyone - now, to THE PUB!

posted 23/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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yes pls for GRAPHS!!! they might be a bit skewed this year, what with edinburgh and all. i bet this year has the highest average lattitude of gig...
posted 29/12/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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