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Blog: A Merry Christmas To All Our Readers

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We had a FANTASTIC household Christmas last night, with ENORMOUS piles of grub and rather a lot of BOOZE. I do feel a little whoozy this morning tho, which is making packing rather a lengthy process. For LO! I am off to see my Mum this afternoon, so will be away from the interwebs for a while.

Before I go, however, here's a couple of slices of FESTIVE JOY from Those PopArt Boys, first of all Wonderful Christmas Time:

And, as also mentioned last week, quite possibly my favourite bit of GIG for the WHOLE year:

Have fun everybody, seeee you on the other side!

posted 24/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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That cover was totally brill! Well done!
posted 24/12/2008 by imon-say

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