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Blog: STAT ATAK: Where?

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As promised, today we're taking a look at Where THE MAGIC has happened, both this year and beforehand. As i may possibly have briefly mentioned, I've done SEVENTY TWO GIGS this year, but where, I wonder, have they all been? Here's FACT!

CityGigs (%)
London37 (51.4)
Edinburgh9 (12.5)
Sheffield6 (8.3)
Nottingham3 (4.2)
Middlesborough3 (4.2)
Leicester3 (4.2)
Derby3 (4.2)
Surrey1 (1.4)
Stourbridge1 (1.4)
Stoke1 (1.4)
Peterborough1 (1.4)
Leeds1 (1.4)
Glasgow1 (1.4)
Durham1 (1.4)
Birmingham1 (1.4)

Well, no real surprises there I guess - Edinburgh SHOOTS into second place by DINT of The Fringe, and over HALF of my gigs this year were in That London. But is that normal? Let's have a look at the SAME figures over the course of the past six years - that being the time I have been a) living in London and b) doing lots of gigs.

London111 (39.5)
Sheffield25 (8.9)
Leicester23 (8.2)
Nottingham12 (4.3)
Edinburgh10 (3.6)
Derby9 (3.2)
Leeds8 (2.8)
Brighton8 (2.8)
Cambridge7 (2.5)
Hull7 (2.5)
Birmingham7 (2.5)
Glasgow6 (2.1)
Middlesborough6 (2.1)
Peterborough5 (1.8)
Winchester4 (1.4)
Stourbridge4 (1.4)
Bristol3 (1.1)
Stoke2 (0.7)
Manchester2 (0.7)
Cumbria2 (0.7)
Oxford2 (0.7)
Devon2 (0.7)
Essex2 (0.7)
OTHER14 (5.0)

Well, there's a pretty RESOUNDING reply: NO, it's NOT normal! It does indeed look like the ongoing increase in GIGGAGE over the last couple of years has been mainly due to playing LONDON much more often (which is fair enough, I guess - the longer i live here the more mugs NICE PEOPLE who want to put me on I'll meet) with My Exciting Life In ROCK accounting for pretty much ALL of the increase from last year to this. A Mystery Solved!

And finally for today, it's all when and good talking about the cities I've played in, but where IN those cities did THE ROCK occur? Our PENULTIFACT is the TOP TWENTY-ISH Venue's I Have EVER played in:

1University of Sheffield Students' UnionSheffield14
3The LambLondon10
3Bull & GateLondon10
3The CharlotteLeicester10
6Fox & FirkinLondon9
7The WindmillLondon7
7Jug of AleBirmingham7
9Bloomsbury Bowling LanesLondon6
9The 12 Bar ClubLondon6
9The FactoryLeicester6
9The AdelphiHull6
9Victoria InnDerby6
15The Durham OxLeicester5
15Carpe DiemLeeds5
15Buffalo BarLondon5
19Ray's Mum's Back GardenStourbridge4
19Upstairs At The GarageLondon4
19The BoardwalkSheffield4
22Lee Rosy's Tea RoomNottingham3
22BBC Radio ClevelandMiddlesborough3
22The Living RoomCambridge3

WHOO! GO UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD! At last the REIGN of The Bull & Gate, which has been top for SO many years, is ENDED. While it's lovely to be reminded of places I used to play all the time, like The Jug Of Ale, Upstairs At The Garage and - blimey - The Factory in Leicester, it's also nice to see NEW places like The Lamb and Bloomsbury Bowling Alley NESTLING in there with some old favourites. There's a lot of GOOD TIMES in that list.

And for our FINAL FACT, it appears that I've played in 179 different venues over the years, and have only RETURNED to 65 of them. That means that, for nearly TWO THIRDS of the venues I've ever played in (63.687%, to be precise) I've NEVER GONE BACK! Clearly, they were ROCKED TOO HARD!

And that's the FACT for today and, indeed, this year. Have a lovely time tonight, whatever you're doing, and see you in 2009 for MORE SCIENCE!

posted 31/12/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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the jug of ale is one venue you won't be returning to.. also, how come the only 2places counted as seperate that are in the same county happen to be in the West Midlands? have i rumbled a That London-based conspiracy against the fine county of my origin?
posted 31/12/2008 by ray k is foreign

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