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Blog: ACTION weekend of ACTION-packed ACTION

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I must say it's nice to be in work today, i need a REST after the WHIRLWIND of FRENETIC ACTION over the weekend.

On Friday I went to distant KINGSTON (S.London, not Jamaica) see an ART SHOW by a Challenging Young Artist called Tom Smith. Who is my BABY BROTHER. The main bit is a guitar AMP (mine!) balanced on some beer crates (my idea! I was so proud!) with, hanging off it, a delicate mechanism with a pen prodded against a sheet of paper, which is itself miked up. The idea, apparently, is that the noise of the pen writing gets amplified, so noise comes from the amp, which shakes the paper, so the pen writes something, the noise of which gets amplified... And so on and so forth BUT the pen never actually DOES start writing, it only has the potential to do so. Which did lead my Mum to ring me on Saturday morning to ask whether it was properly switched on, "Nothing seems to be happening", she said. "I think that's the point... I think."

ART of a slightly more ROCKY persuasion was the order of the day for the rest of the weekend, as I set to work on Dinosaur Planet. FIRED UP and FULL of ideas from our meeting the other day I re-jigged Nobody Believed It as Operation Ignore It And Hope It Goes Away to make it fit better and then went on to write not one, not two, but THREE brand new songs! KER-ZANG! They all sound pretty good I must say, and fit into the NARRATIVE what I have writ. I've gone rather rapidly from being AFEARED about whether this was AT ALL a good idea to being EXCITED. It's going to be GRATE - well, I think so anyway, you can see for youself on the New Songs page.

And in amongst all THAT there was various and sundry other activities on the album cover and booklet, as well as a BIG NIGHT OUT. Myself and The Font Of My Text headed out to distant PUTNEY to meet a couple of my oldest pals in the WORLD to go and see Mr John Otway. We had a FANTASTIC night, as we usually do when seeing these people, but ESPECIALLY so with a MAGNIFICENT set from Mr Otway. It's far FAR too long since we last went to see him, and it feels like even longer since I've seen him with the Big Band. They were FANTASTIC - honestly, if you're ever feeling a bit fed up then you can do NOTHING better than to go and see him do a gig. We came out with GRINS all over our faces - SUPERB!

posted 19/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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