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Blog: Frankie Says

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Like any Organisation with a strong core team, it is VITAL for The Validators to COMMUNICATE, and goodness knows we have been doing THAT a lot for the past week or so, primarily about the running order of the new album. We thought we'd got it all sorted out until we gave rough copies to a few people, just to check that it all sounded OK.

To be honest the MAIN reason was just to let SOMEBODY here it, as I'm all of an excitement about it and would really just like someone to say "It's GRATE!" so I can bashfully agree with them. What I wasn't expecting was that the first responses, from TWO respected sources (The Facts On My Factsheet and Indie Troubador Mr Pete Green) would be EXACTLY the same - that we should have Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid as the first song. It was completely unprompted on both counts, and so a bit STUNNING that they'd BOTH say the same thing.

This led to the aforementioned WEEK of debate as I tried it out and became VERY PERSUADED, while Tim argued FERVENTLY for keeping Red Black Gold as the opener and Tom CONSIDERED the issue and came down on the side of Tim. Frankie did not contribute as he was on holiday in MEXICO - Tim was in Mauritius at the time too, THUS, as he says, we are like DURAN DURAN. In that respect at least.

THORTS and IDEAS have thus buzzed around like NOBODY'S business, until the aforesaid Frankie returned and LAID DOWN THE LAW. It's not the first time it's happened this way, on several occasions inter-Validator wittering has been ENDED by his firm hand, but once he had spoken I think we all knew the game was up. Officially we're waiting for Tim to return to the UK and have a LISTEN, but I think we may be making the big change.

That is, of course, unless Emma breaks her silence and DEMANDS we make it IT Guy Addendum.

posted 22/1/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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