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Blog: Still Working

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CORKS! Who knew a Life Of ROCK AND ROLL would involve QUITE so many charts, lists and spreadsheets? I never realised this was the case until now, but I assume that Lemmy, Elvis, AND J Rotten must have ALL done their time at the keyboard, scheduling meetings to arrange tour dates. I guess they just didn't go on about it in order to not upset their colleagues with the range of their skills.

At the moment we're mainly PLOTTING for the weekend, when we've got the final MASTERING of the new album, as well as My Exciting Life In ROCK, but there's a few other things starting to take shape now, most notably the LAUNCH GIG for said album, which will be at The Fly on New Oxford Street on May 9th. I was REALLY KEEN to do this launch gig with those fine fellows at Pop Art so was MIGHTY PLEASED when they said YES. I was also pleased that this meant we "had" to move our release date BACK a week, to May 11th, to properly coinicide, as it gives me an extra week's LEEWAY in the aforementioned CHARTS. Is it tempting fate, do you think, to book the gig before you've actually finally finished the album? It WORRIES me a little I must say, but i HAVE left an awful lot of space in the SCHEDULE. I'm sure it'll be all right.


In other news PHOTOGRAPHS are continuing to be put up over on my FLICKR page, if anyone's interested. I'm currently very gradually putting up pictures from my PHONE, which aren't exactly HIGH ART tho people of a more AESTHETIC INCLINATION may enjoy the pictures that The Lens In My Camera took of all the SNOW on Monday.

They're lovely pictures, tho if you're wondering where I was the answer is, of course, that I was sat indoors, much like Kurt Cobain, working on a DATABASE.

posted 4/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Ooh, that means that the new album gets released close to my birthday. Oh, happiness indeed! :)

Might have to see about getting to that launch gig....
posted 4/2/2009 by Warren

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