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Blog: What A Busy Day

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Crikey, but yesterday was a KRAZY BUSY day, all SORTS of things happened. You know those days when you sit there GLARING at your inbox, DESPERATE for something to come in and, when it does, cheers you RIGHT up? It was like that every hour ON the hour yesterday. Stuff just kept on coming in!

Much of the morning was taken up with talking to some nice people who might be doing our PRESS for us when the new album comes out. We've always done pretty well, I think, with the online and RADIO side of things (thanks to our GRATE Radio and Online Department: ME) but have been HOPELESS at getting ANYTHING into the Actual Press (no bonuses this year for our USELESS Press Department: ME) so I'm trying to get someone else to do it this time. It's all been quite exciting really, if a little SCARIFYING and PROPER. I've just sent them a CD to see if they actually like the album, i REALLY hope they do!

After that came two FANZINE missives in quick succession. One was from A Fog Of Ideas, for whom myself and Mr Phil Wilson did a sort of SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT "How We Met" kind of interview last year, letting us know that it's going to be out in March. HOORAH! Shortly after that was a request from Sam at A Layer Of Chips, asking if I'd care to BANG ON ABOUT MYSELF in an interview for him. As should be clear by now, this is something i absolutely HATE doing, but felt I could make an exception in this case. I'm all heart.

I then got a LOVELY email from the chap who runs Leicester Comedy Festival, saying he'd seen a bit of the show and really enjoyed it. I was WELL chuffed by this, even more so when he said that, if I had any more shows booked, he knew an AGENT TYPE who might like to come along. I'm thus currently in the process of a) booking a show for March at The Hangover Lounge b) daydreaming about MY OWN SITCOM.

And finally, as if all THAT wasn't enough, I got an email from a lovely bloke offering me a possible gig in SWEDEN. In SWEDEN! How cool would that be? Answer: VERY VERY COOL INDEED! By the time I'd finished worked and STAGGERED HOME i was EXHAUSTED - what a BUSY BUSY DAY!

posted 11/2/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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