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After all the EXCITEMENT on Friday afternoon, I was gently lowered towards the Earth in the evening. Don't get me wrong, it was GOOD and NICE to play, and it's always LOVELY to go to Silver Rocket gigs anyway (although Rachel Stupidcat FREAKED my MIND with her Animated T-Shirt Sticker - YEARGH!), but the bit where I did my singing wasn't the most fun ever. Partly this was because there was a bit much "Interaction"... the first band were a VERY Local Indie Band type band, every song they did SEEMED to be about to go somewhere but never did, like there were the right BITS in their, THEY seemed to like it, but it all seemed rather pointless. As with all Local Indie Bands they had some RAUCOUS mates who, to be honest, pissed me off. Bad Hibbett, WEAK Hibbett, this is NOT the way forward!

So yeah, then Lapsus Lingae came on... crikey! They were one of the LEAST Local Indie Band types you're ever likely to see - LOOKED like they were going to be metal, but very much WERE NOT. Aforementioned Audience Wankers tried to heckle, but rather failed... and it all felt a bit SPLIT. Lapsus were LOVELY chaps - is often the way, the more OUT THERE the band, the nicer the people. Maybe knowing you are doing something ACTUALLY imaginative and INTERESTING means you don't HAVE to act like ignorant tossers (i.e. like approx.70% of all bands who think this means they are The New Stone Roses), but they were really nice. I, however, wasn't really in the mood for lengthy post-rock, so went home.

When I GOT home, interestingly enough, after an HOUR of travelling, i had the longest piss I have ever had in my life! FEEL the GLAMOUR!
posted 4/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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