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Blog: Waving Away

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Funnily enoguh, on the way to the gig on Friday, who should I see going the other way on the escalators, but Production Guy Gary and Mr Steve Lamacq? Every other time I have ever seen Mr Steve Lamacq (well, apart from earlier that afternoon) our meetings have begun with me waving my arm and bellowing "STEVE!" as LO! I have usually been drunkened - he didn't seem to remember any of this tho, ALMOST AS IF he is OFTEN approached by slightly drunk, slightly overweight men in their thirties profferring CDs/Tapes/Vinyl... could this possibly be the case? Anyway, someone called "Mark!" and there they were, so I waved back, and thought Yes, That Is A Different Way Round.

The next morning, something even MORE exciting happened...

posted 4/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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