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Blog: A Half Century Of News

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I've just sent out this month's newsletter, the FIFTIETH such monthly missive. Fifty! That's a whole lot of FACTS!

Included amongst the HEFTY pile of information this time is the news that we've had the first review of the new album, over on the A Layer Of Chips. It is with some EXTREME RELIEF that I report that the review is rather complimentary - this is always a DELICATE time in the birth of an album, as after three years of putting it all together and thinking it is GRATE there is always a worry that someone will say "No, hang on, but it's ridiculous, isn't it?" and you'll go "DOH! What was i THINKING?!" so it's very nice to have at least one person suggest that it was worthwhile.

This time next week the final batch of promo copies will be going out, and then it's not long until people can actually BUY it! Please excuse me if I seem a little EXCITED about this fact, the reason for this behaviour is that i AM!

posted 31/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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