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It's all rather quiet at the moment - it's the Quiet Bit that ALWAYS happens around now. Nearly all the WORK is done, the albums are recorded, mixed, mastered and manufactured, the sending out of promo copies is nearly finished (The Press and Online done last week, i'm halfway through the Envelope Stuffing for the MASSIVE radio mailout for next week), the gigs are booked, distributors are (hopefully) POISED, and all I have to do now is sit around and wait a bit.

Previously I've found this period a bit WEIRD, coming after FRENETIC activity as it does, but I must say I'm rather enjoying it this time, especially as it coincides so nicely with EASTER - THE ADULT CHRISTMAS. Working for a University means I get the Thursday and Monday off too, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing some pals, watching some telly, and generally LOAFING.

That's not to say things aren't happening mind you - Dinosaur Planet is LURCHING threateningly towards completion, for instance. Yesterday I had a BRANESTORM, coming up with a final new song ("FOR THE FATE OF THE EARTH" - it's like Bon Jovi MULTIPLIED by Bryan Adams TO THE POWER OF MEATLOAF), several ACTUAL GAGS and, just as The Riff In My Rock Song was trying to get to sleep, a BLINDING VISION came to me of how to do the ending. It features a CLOSING MEDLEY!

And if all THAT wasn't exciting enough, tonight I'm off to do the PENULTIMATE PERFORMANCE of My Exciting Life In ROCK in STOKE, where, rather brilliantly, The Stoke Sentinel has a BIG FEATURE all about ME! It's a bit fantastic I must say - we did the interview over the phone first thing on Wednesday morning when I was SIGNIFICANTLY hungover from Totally Acoustic the night before, but it seems to have all come out pretty well. There's even a bit of a SCOOP in there!

So yes, in summary, it's quiet... but not THAT quiet!

posted 3/4/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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