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Blog: A Public Statement

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Reading this blog you are, of course, used to only the highest standards of accuracy and punctuality, so I feel I must apologise to you, to my family, and to the institution of ROCK for recent failures in both.

A number of people have noted that I have listed an INCORRECT setlist for our gig in Bristol last week, with me inserting the setlist for the London launch gig instead. I can only apologise for what was an honest mistake - it was not an attempt to mislead nor gain any advantage financial or otherwise, and I can only apologise and ensure everybody that the error has now been rectified.

As for punctuality - this is heralded as an "almost daily" blog and has not been so for several days. Firstly, of course, this was due to being On The Road and my intention was to catch up quickly but these high hopes were soon waylaid, first by workload in my place of employment and then illness. I have risen from my sickbed, WRENCHING myself away from Season Two of Deep Space Nine on DVD, just to alert anyone who might otherwise have been desperately worried about my lack of communication. It is an Old Problem for which I am applying The Usual Remedy (lying around in bed for 48 hours) with, hopefully, the usual Excellent Results.

I realise these may appear simply to be excuses, rather than solutions, and I apologise to anyone who feels betrayed, angered, short-changed or misled. I hope I have not damaged the great institution of ROCK and place myself at the mercy of my constituents come the next gig.

In the meantime, please stay out of the moat and keep quiet near the duck island. Thank you for your understanding.

posted 30/5/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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