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Blog: Working From Home

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I had my NEARLY Traditional (I'm trying to make it that way anyway) Working From Home day yesterday - it was MEGA BRILL. The fact that i DON'T have to schlep around getting ready and then spend 45 minutes GETTING to work means I am usually up and about and IN ACTION at an unreasonably early and thus had got my first load of laundry on the go, written some cards, packed up several CDs, been to the post office, done a big shop in Tesco and got home for a cup of tea BEFORE I usually get in to work. It was GRATE!

I also got a TON of work done - the presence of cups of tea, guitars, telly and Delicious Luncheons always seems to make me GET ON WITH IT a lot more (in order to move on to UTILISING said luxuries) than when they're not there, and this led me to a mid-afternoon finish, whereby I could undertake Other Matters. Amongst these were the planning for our HOLIDAY in Newcastle and Glasgow (STAYCATIONING!) later this month, and also some RESEARCH into our trip to STOCKHOLM (where I'm playing at the Cosy Den festival). This will AMAZE you but it turns out that not only are Ryanair HORRID, but they fly to airports A HUNDRED KILOMETRES from the city you think you're going to! What do you mean, everybody else knew that already? They'd swapped our flight times from do-able to RIDICULOUS (i.e. having to leave the house at 4am on the way there and even earlier on the way back) so we are going to get that CANCELLED and fly with someone NICE. HOOPLA!

But the BIG NEWS, as far as The Future Of ROCK is concerned at any rate, is that I have FINISHED Dinosaur Planet! FINISHED!

Well, all right, there may JUST POSSIBLY be some changes, additions and re-writes before we get to Edinburgh, but I am now in position in a COMPLETE first draft of it, with a full complement of SONGS. Last night I sat down to go through it all and ended up writing THREE new songs - two were, to be fair, REPRISES, but they're FULL ones with whole truckloads of new songs - and came up with entire new JOKES, RUNNING GAGS and managed to HONE the plot a bit so it makes even MORE sense.

I was RELIEVED, to say the least, to find that it does seem to hold together, and i THINK it will be quite AMUSIMG and maybe even EXCITING. It was certainly exciting for ME, anyway, to go from the ROCK EPIC that is "Fighting For The Fate Of The Earth" then into the TRIUMPHAL "A Little Bit (more)" just before the big finish.

For the last six months, every couple of weeks, I have realised with a START that I've paid quite a bit of money and BOOKED time off work to go and spend 10 days doing a ROCK OPERA which I hadn't actually finished WRITING, let alone shown to anybody. I don't think I've done enough YET to halt the PALPITATIONS and NERVOUS SWEATS, but I'm beginning to think that this KRAZY SCHEME might just work!

posted 4/6/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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