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Last night I started making the TRAILER VIDEO for Dinosaur Planet. Most of the actual WORK involved building sets and PROPS, i.e.:

  • drawing a prehistoric landscape (featuring VOLCANO) on A3 paper in CRAYONS
  • drawing a modern London cityscape on A3 paper in CRAYONS
  • building a GIANT ROBOT out of LEGO
  • building a spaceship out of LEGO

  • When THAT gruelling workload was complete I moved on to the actual FILMING, which mostly involved:

  • shaking plastic dinosaurs at the camera, whilst giggling and going "GRAAARGH!"
  • simulating a car chase by zooming toy cars across a crayoned landscape
  • setting up FIGHTS between tiny plastic soldiers and waggled dinosaurs
  • zooming spaceships around while making spaceship noises

  • It's true what they say you know - SHOWBUSINESS is the toughest business in the world! Further TOIL will be going on over the next few evenings, and I shall be going ON AND ON AND ON about it when it's finished!

    posted 2/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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